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Aug 6, 2013 4:00pm PDT
school of arts n 2010 the school renamed sf school of the arts. >> former president george w bush undergoing heart surgery. >> doctors discovered a blockage in an artery but the former president didn't show symptoms of heart disease. >> abc news has more now from washington, d.c.. >> george w. bush has been a role model of health for someone his age, so it was surprising to hear the 67-year-old had a stent implanted into one artery today. bush's spokesman says he show nod symptoms of heart disease but after a stress test, doctors ordered an angiogram. >> they haven't shared a lot of information. what she the said is that it was picked up on a routine physical examination. that is surprising because they should not involve a stress test. >> the stent is fairly common procedure. >> this is a stent. in the procedure a catheter is inserted into a person's leg. and it has a balloon on there. the balloon opens up that blockage, then, leaving behind this fire stent this, tube. >> since he left the white house bush gecht a low profile but a very active life style. he is an avid golfer, mo
Aug 15, 2013 4:00pm PDT
george w. bush installed a small solar electric system on the >> sandhya patel is in and feeling summer like again. >> finally. about time. yes, temperatures up into 90s into our warmest spots, even the coast enjoying the sun. 68 the high so far half moon bay. pacifica. 65 degrees gorgeous weather today. tomorrow, it's going down hill. by a little bit. right now, we'll talk about changing weather. as notice td here just a little bit of fog near the coastline but otherwise it's a nice-looking day. here is a look at our lake tahoe camera. clouds but sunny skies if you're heading to lake tahoe tomorrow in low 80s with haze and smoke for morning hours. mild and muggy. coastal fog tonight. cooler tomorrow afternoon. and we're looking at summer spread for the weekend so a wide range of highs to please everyone. water temperatures this system here, this cool pock writ going to affect our weather heading into tomorrow. but ahead of this we're seeing a lit extra humidity coming in from the southwest. you probably didn't notice seeing it's sticky outside. that is going to hang around heading into
Aug 21, 2013 4:00pm PDT
gate crisis develop add suring nixon of his support and says the speech was on target.odr george hw bush who had been appointed chairman of the republican national committee called to say he watched the speech with quote, great pride. >> interesting to hear those recordings these years later. let's talk about the weather forecast. cory just outside. it seems very nice out. >> yes. >> spence jer back. nice to have you there. >> thank you. nice day to do weather outside. talking about ipad out sichld let's take a look at how nice things are here in the bay area now. clouds off shore, but sunny skies for coast to inland and nice mild day. stormy day in the sierra. thunderstorms up and down the sierra. reaching into northern most part of the state but away from bay area so things are calm here now. you can see on this live view from our camera here looking across embarcadero, and our forecast features just a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms in the north bay. an upper level low just off shore, circulation pulling up moisture from the south feeding into those thunderstorms in the s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3